How To Make Bookings For Social Escorts In Singapore?

Whether you are a first time customer to escort services, or a regular to escorts but first time in Singapore, we will go through things specific to Singapore escort services like why you should book in advance, what is legal and what is not in Singapore, exactly how to make a booking and more.

When it comes to local nationality ladies in SG, you are strongly recommended to make a booking at least a few hours in advance on the same day, instead of requesting for a social escort lady instantaneously. This is because the girls in Singapore do not work on a full time basis, which is different from that in some Western cities. The locals work only on a part time basis, and very often, they are only available at certain time and days. Of course, if you are not particular about which girl you meet as long as she has great reviews, then you have way more options.

Soliciting for prostitution, brothels and whatnot may be legal in certain cities around the world – especially that in Australian and European cities. However, those are definitely outlawed in SG. Therefore, the last thing you want to do is to get blocked by local escort agencies if you tried soliciting prostitution from the agencies or ladies. Any service provider who writes some kind of sexual services provided on their website – be it classified ads listings, directory sites, agency sites, independent girls’ sites are all considered outlawed in SG. Therefore, if you see any such services listed on a website, avoid those websites. You want to avoid trouble while in SG.

So how then do you make a booking for a social escort to spend time with in Singapore?

First of all, just search online on the Internet for them, and you should be able to find a good number of websites – though not all are equally good. However, you still need to do this step as escorts are only found online in Singapore, not offline.

Second of all, you will be pleased to know that prices are usually publicly displayed on websites for your viewing, so you no longer need to contact websites just to figure out the prices when you can easily access them through their online websites! This is the case for agency websites, freelancer websites as well as classified ads.

Third of all, if you are looking for an agency, make sure to shortlist a few girls before contacting the website for a booking for their girl, as not all will be available on the day you reach Singapore, as mentioned above. That way, most likely at least one or two out of the few escorts you have shortlisted may be available to meet you, you can then ask extra photos for them right before confirmation of your booking. If you are looking for a freelance girl, then just call or WhatsApp her directly. Most of them respond to WhatsApp in SG, so make sure to do that to check her availability.

Next of all, the verification process for first time clients vary slightly for every escort agency as well as call girl. So make sure to check with them and just comply with it for the quickest verification and turnaround time. One thing you may want to note about Singapore is that prices for Singaporean escorts do not come cheap, so if you want to contact them, be decisive, or they may mistakenly think you cannot afford it and not respond to you quickly.

Finally, confirm the booking with the agency or the escort girl, and you are well on your way to enjoying your time in SG with a beautiful lady!

If you have more questions, feel free to leave a comment below, so we can add your question to this list and answer it too to the best of our capabilities!