Finding Real Local Nationality Singaporean Escort Girls Online

If you want a genuine and real local nationality Singaporean escort girl, keep in mind that they are only found online in Singapore and this blog post further explains why SG service providers are only found online and explains this phenomenon. The local girls are not able to be found online to engage as escorts if we are talking about Singapore.

However, even online and the whole Internet seems to be too big for you to start looking for real local nationality escorts. After all, if you had experienced before, you probably know that most of these supposed local Singaporean girls are actually foreigners pretending to be a Singapore girl to charge higher prices for themselves on false pretense.

Therefore, if you are a frustrated customer, here are some real tips to help you find and place a booking for a real Singaporean escort girl today!

Use a Singapore escort agency

Look at an escort agency such as SG VIP Escorts or something similar. Large and reputable Singapore escort agencies are virtually the only way you can find genuine Singaporean nationality social escorts, as that is where the locals are working at. You can hardly find them anywhere else, as barely any of them are willing to work as freelance girls. Instead, most of them hide behind the security and privacy that escort agencies in Singapore can afford them.

Local girls do not use full face photos

Generally speaking, the local girls do not show their full face photos online, or otherwise anywhere else. Therefore, if you see full face photos, that is a big signal and warning that she is very likely not Singaporean at all, and perhaps does not look anywhere near her pictures! Any client with such past experience in SG will definitely attest to this. First time customers, do not make this mistake in SG by falling for supposedly local escorts who use full face photos!

Only contact numbers which are of Singapore country code!

Use some basic common sense! If you are trying to look for SG girls, why would you contact a website whose contact number is not even from Singapore? It is a large and obvious signal that whoever you are contacting with a foreign number is clearly not local. This is a simple tip, but some people still make this careless mistake. Make sure only to contact numbers which are 8 digits in length, and starts with +65 for Singapore country code.