Backpage Singapore – Where Are Viable Escort Alternatives In Singapore?

With Backpage Singapore gone, where are the alternative places you can find escorts in Singapore?

There are namely a few places you can find Singapore escorts, and they are:

  • Escort agency
  • Classified ad sites under personal columns
  • Escort directory websites
  • Twitter
  • TTVIP7, SGWolf, SG888 (warning against these provided below)

However, not all of these places work equally well. Here are some further tips, but if you want legal advice, please contact your own lawyer! This does not constitute legal advice.

Escort agency

You can look for a local escort through a local escort agency..  If you are intending to date a Singaporean escort, you are best off selecting this option. This is because while they are usually more expensive options, an agency usually specializes in local Singapore girls. Some escort agencies may even have local girls of exotic races living locally in Singapore, such as a Brazilian escort, if you so wish to meet one.

The key things to note is that the Singapore escort agency you talk to needs to be registered as well as reputable, if you want an excellent experience in the country! Stick to reputable ones, and you should do fine. If an agency uses face photos, it is usually fake. Avoid those at all costs.

Classified ad sites

These are basically just normal classified ad sites, however, you can go over to the personals column to find out more about escort listings. While not every classified ad site has this, big ones like Locanto definitely has such columns. Backpage Singapore was basically a mix of a classified ad and escort directory site. Skokka is also another directory site that you can look at if you are in Singapore.

One of the big tips here is that if a deal is too good to be true, it is probably fake. Always reverse Google image search the images listed on these personal ad sites, as nearly all are fake images. Even then, be very wary about these images. If you do not have high expectations, then sure.

Second big tip here is that if the escort say she is from a country like Vietnam, and she shows her face photos, it is possible that it is real. However if she writes she is a Singaporean and shows her face photos, run for the hills! It is virtually guaranteed to be a scam.

Another tip is that if you prefer South East Asian nationality escorts but not Singaporean, classified ad sites usually has a ton of these Vietnamese, Thai girls. Whether they are allowed to work legally in Singapore is another question you need to ask, but you can find them on these classified ad sites under personals.

Escort directory sites

These are basically listing sites, where just the escort’s or agency’s website is listed on with a link to their website. There is usually not much details about the listing, and you will just need to use these directory sites to click through to the individual websites to find out more!


Yes you read that right. While that may seem like a suggestion which is out of place, you can actually look for escorts in Singapore on Twitter. While not the best option at all, and not recommended unless you are at your wits’ end, you can definitely search for #SingaporeEscorts and related hashtags on Twitter to pull out results. Some of these are just spam, while others are legitimate freelance call girls or agencies which are running an escort service.

TTVIP7, SGWolf, SG888

There are also places like the above, but these are the highest risk, as most of them are not exactly legal to be operated in Singapore. For example, SGWolf has been shut down since March 2019, and a total of 179 people involved were investigated that time. SG888 is now its new replacement. TTVIP7 is also another such similar site.

Use sites like TTVIP7, SGWolf, SG888 at your own legal risk

You are strongly discouraged from these options in Singapore. These are usually prostitution websites masquerading as escort websites. And since public solicitation of prostitution over a public medium like the Internet is illegal in Singapore, they will get busted. And if you as a customer happen to be one of their girls during the Singapore police undercover operations, you will likely be questioned and investigated as well. It is unnecessary embarrassment and harm to your reputation, especially if you are a businessman.


Just make sure to do your due diligence before that and setting up a date with any escort in Singapore!