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The Life of a Singaporean Social Escort

There is a certain stigma surrounding being a social escort. It is looked down upon, viewed as an “easy way out” or an attempt to find a rich man and marry for money. This is true across the world, but especially true in the country of Singapore. Nonetheless, record numbers of young women are signing up with local escort firms and becoming this. But what is the life of an escort actually like?

The average escort is a young woman – between eighteen and twenty five.

These Singaporean women who work an escort job are often students or working low-wage jobs in Singapore. This means they might have difficulty with the bills piling up. More often than not, escorting is a side gig rather than a full time job. They might be active on social media, which is a tried and true way for an escort to build a client base quicker than their counterparts who do not use social media.

Escorting provides opportunities that many women might not have otherwise.

This can give them some income and a healthy bank account, opportunities to be treated to massages and other luxuries that they would never be able to afford otherwise, and to be wined and dined like a romantic partner might not be able to. But the career of escorting is not always full of fun and riches. There are some hardships associated with it too.

Many social escorts agree – the hardest part of the job in Singapore comes from the culture of the area itself.

Singapore is a relatively conservative country, and being an escort is viewed as taboo even though it is not expressly illegal. Often, escorts have to lead double lives and cannot let their friends and families know what they are doing – or why they have material goods that they should not be able to afford. This difficulty is compounded when you take into account that the clients are often traveling individuals who want companions in the evenings and on weekends. If someone is going out every night, their family members are going to start to take notice and grow suspicious of something.

The other half of the difficulty escorts face is pushing your crushes and feelings to the bottom and viewing this as nothing more than a job.

Many Singaporean escorts develop romantic feelings for their clients, many of whom are married and are just visiting the country for business. In these cases, especially if the escort feels they connected on a personal level, it can be difficult to remember that they are just a client and this is just a job.

Overall, the life of an escort is just like any other job.

There is work involved and there are benefits and drawbacks to choosing this trade. Based on the increasing numbers of young women trying to become social escorts in Singapore, it would seem that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.