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Aerospring Gardens Pte Ltd is an emerging young start-up dedicated to propagating sustainable vertical gardening for any household with available growing space. It was founded in 2015 by couple Thorben Linneberg & Nadine Keller and is based in Singapore. Started as a hobby, gardening has turned into a full time affair with both of them bidding their corporate careers goodbye to fulfil their dream of becoming urban farmers. They are the manufacturers of the patent-pending Aerospring and currently operate Singapore’s only urban gardening store at Sunset Way in Singapore’s West, which grows hydroponic seedlings for their customers, offers a wide selection of seeds and quality gardening accessories. The company has commenced exports to select countries in Asia, Europe and Australia and is developing a range of vertical aeroponic gardening solutions for indoor and outdoor use.

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Official Website: www.aerospringgardens.com

RedwoodStream Pte Ltd is an established civil engineering products company based in Singapore with more than 20 years of operating experience. We specialise in trading, import and export and installation of geotechnical, construction and landscaping products including but not limited to: (1) Tree support systems, (2) Erosion / drainage control products, (3) ABS and stainless steel drainage / sump gratings, (4) Virgin, recycled and composite timbers, (5) Lawn edgings, (6) Concrete /clay pavers. RedwoodStream Pte Ltd represents some of the industry's leading brands such as Platipus, Grass-Cel, Cobra, EBTY and Permaloc. We also manufacture our own range of products. RedwoodStream is BizSafe Star and OHSAS 18001 certified, with some of our products awarded the Singapore Green Label. ​

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Official Website: www.redwoodstream.com

Established in 1992, Tai Kwang Garden Pte Ltd has diversified and ventured into the development of modern landscaping and gardening solutions. We are constantly exploring new ideas in our design & built concepts, greening both outdoors and indoor spaces for residential homes, commercial buildings, institutions and public spaces. Today, Tai Kwang Garden is one of the leading landscaping & gardening specialist with over 20 years of expertise and experiences in quality landscape installations, artificial grass installations, horticultural services, water features & modern gardening.​

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Official Website: www.taikwang.com.sg

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