Backpage Singapore – Where Are Viable Escort Alternatives In Singapore?

With Backpage Singapore gone, where are the alternative places you can find escorts in Singapore?

There are namely a few places you can find Singapore escorts, and they are:

  • Escort agency
  • Classified ad sites under personal columns
  • Escort directory websites
  • Twitter
  • TTVIP7, SGWolf, SG888 (warning against these provided below)

However, not all of these places work equally well. Here are some further tips, but if you want legal advice, please contact your own lawyer! This does not constitute legal advice.

Escort agency

You can look for a local escort through a local agency like LovelyDates. If you are intending to date a Singaporean escort, you are best off selecting this option. This is because while they are usually more expensive options, an agency usually specializes in local Singapore girls.

The key things to note is that the Singapore escort agency you talk to needs to be registered as well as reputable, if you want an excellent experience in the country! Stick to reputable ones, and you should do fine. If an agency uses face photos, it is usually fake. Avoid those at all costs.

Classified ad sites

These are basically just normal classified ad sites, however, you can go over to the personals column to find out more about escort listings. While not every classified ad site has this, big ones like Locanto definitely has such columns. Backpage Singapore was basically a mix of a classified ad and escort directory site. Skokka is also another directory site that you can look at if you are in Singapore.

One of the big tips here is that if a deal is too good to be true, it is probably fake. Always reverse Google image search the images listed on these personal ad sites, as nearly all are fake images. Even then, be very wary about these images. If you do not have high expectations, then sure.

Second big tip here is that if the escort say she is from a country like Vietnam, and she shows her face photos, it is possible that it is real. However if she writes she is a Singaporean and shows her face photos, run for the hills! It is virtually guaranteed to be a scam.

Another tip is that if you prefer South East Asian nationality escorts but not Singaporean, classified ad sites usually has a ton of these Vietnamese, Thai girls. Whether they are allowed to work legally in Singapore is another question you need to ask, but you can find them on these classified ad sites under personals.

Escort directory sites

These are basically listing sites, where just the escort’s or agency’s website is listed on with a link to their website. There is usually not much details about the listing, and you will just need to use these directory sites to click through to the individual websites to find out more!


Yes you read that right. While that may seem like a suggestion which is out of place, you can actually look for escorts in Singapore on Twitter. While not the best option at all, and not recommended unless you are at your wits’ end, you can definitely search for #SingaporeEscorts and related hashtags on Twitter to pull out results. Some of these are just spam, while others are legitimate freelance call girls or agencies which are running an escort service.

TTVIP7, SGWolf, SG888

There are also places like the above, but these are the highest risk, as most of them are not exactly legal to be operated in Singapore. For example, SGWolf has been shut down since March 2019, and a total of 179 people involved were investigated that time. SG888 is now its new replacement. TTVIP7 is also another such similar site.

Use sites like TTVIP7, SGWolf, SG888 at your own legal risk

You are strongly discouraged from these options in Singapore. These are usually prostitution websites masquerading as escort websites. And since public solicitation of prostitution over a public medium like the Internet is illegal in Singapore, they will get busted. And if you as a customer happen to be one of their girls during the Singapore police undercover operations, you will likely be questioned and investigated as well. It is unnecessary embarrassment and harm to your reputation, especially if you are a businessman.


Just make sure to do your due diligence before that and setting up a date with any escort in Singapore!

Singapore escort girl 2

The Life of a Singaporean Social Escort

There is a certain stigma surrounding being a social escort. It is looked down upon, viewed as an “easy way out” or an attempt to find a rich man and marry for money. This is true across the world, but especially true in the country of Singapore. Nonetheless, record numbers of young women are signing up with local escort firms and becoming this. But what is the life of an escort actually like?

The average escort is a young woman – between eighteen and twenty five.

These Singaporean women who work an escort job are often students or working low-wage jobs in Singapore. This means they might have difficulty with the bills piling up. More often than not, escorting is a side gig rather than a full time job. They might be active on social media, which is a tried and true way for an escort to build a client base quicker than their counterparts who do not use social media.

Escorting provides opportunities that many women might not have otherwise.

This can give them some income and a healthy bank account, opportunities to be treated to massages and other luxuries that they would never be able to afford otherwise, and to be wined and dined like a romantic partner might not be able to. But the career of escorting is not always full of fun and riches. There are some hardships associated with it too.

Many social escorts agree – the hardest part of the job in Singapore comes from the culture of the area itself.

Singapore is a relatively conservative country, and being an escort is viewed as taboo even though it is not expressly illegal. Often, escorts have to lead double lives and cannot let their friends and families know what they are doing – or why they have material goods that they should not be able to afford. This difficulty is compounded when you take into account that the clients are often traveling individuals who need the social company escorts provide in the evenings and on weekends. If someone is going out every night, their family members are going to start to take notice and grow suspicious of something.

The other half of the difficulty escorts face is pushing your crushes and feelings to the bottom and viewing this as nothing more than a job.

Many Singaporean escorts develop romantic feelings for their clients, many of whom are married and are just visiting the country for business. In these cases, especially if the escort feels they connected on a personal level, it can be difficult to remember that they are just a client and this is just a job.

Overall, the life of an escort is just like any other job.

There is work involved and there are benefits and drawbacks to choosing this trade. Based on the increasing numbers of young women trying to become social escorts in Singapore, it would seem that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

Singapore dating problems

5 Common Dating Challenges In Singapore Faced By Men

Here are 5 of the most common challenges that men face in Singapore while dating. These are very real dating problems that many Singaporean men face.

1. Girls not swiping right to you on online dating apps!

If you are wondering whether you are overthinking this, you are not. Research has shown that women simply swipe right a lot less than men on dating applications!

This is a common problem for men, and especially in a country like Singapore. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, the majority of Singaporean girls are still pretty conservative when it comes to dating. In Singapore, where men are usually expected to take the initiative. Therefore, women rarely swipe right to men.

Secondly, women usually get a lot of matches on such mobile dating applications. Therefore, they become very selective on who they swipe right too, since there is a high chance they will match if they do swipe right.

Additionally, most dating apps also have way more guys than girls, causing girls to gain the clear upper hand.

2. Girls may not appear to respond positively even if they like you!

Girls in Singapore are generally not as outward responsive as girls from other countries may be. Girls in Singapore like to act coy and shy, even if they do like you if you approach them. This can be a confusing signal to guys if you tried approaching a girl, and she just looks shy without responding much. You probably think that the girl does not like you even if 10 or 20% of the times, the girl actually does!

3. Some girls have unrealistic expectations

It can sometimes be the case that some girls have clearly unrealistic expectations – for who they are.

Some girls may want the perfect deal – tall, handsome and rich guys but they are nowhere as attractive in the opposite sense. It can result in potentially lots of unrealistic expectations. Even dating agencies in Singapore report that this is sometimes a big issue for them.

You can watch the following video to find out more about this ‘unrealistic’ expectations by Chinese girls.

4. Girls want guys who are rich and successful in their careers yet have lots of free time for them

As if being rich and wealthy is not difficult enough, some girls want these guys to spend 100% of their time on them as well. Part of the reason could be them watching too many Korean dramas, where they only show the children of rich parents in the shows dating.

If you are a successful businessman, you probably are putting a lot of mental effort into your work. It can be very difficult to find a girl in Singapore who understands your work commitment. This is only getting worse because Korean dramas are getting more popular by the month.

5. Girls want guys who are ‘ahead’ of them yet Singaporean men are clearly disadvantaged by 2 years

Singapore is a city state. Most city girls are materialistic. It is also normal for women to want men who are financially ahead of them. This is still very much an Asian thing.

This is not a problem if you come from a rich or wealthy family, or prefer much younger girls. However, if you like a girl your age, and you do not come from a rich family – too bad. Life sucks and you need to work hard.

Singaporean guys are disadvantaged by at least 2 years due to NS. As a result of this, girls tend not to go out with guys of their same age in Singapore, even if everything else about the guy is perfect. Only a tiny percentage of such couples eventually reach marriage, or even date for at least multiple years.

Yet, if you try to work hard and ‘catch up’ and eventually ‘overtake’, you will be facing problem number 4 as per above.